November scrips

Holiday Scrip Shopping Time!!!

Never shopped Scrips before.  Now is a great time to start.  Please feel free to call or email me if you are having Scripsitis or Scripsxiety!!

314-638-9767 or 

Now, down to the fun stuff.  Because I’m always looking out for ‘ya, I’ve added some new retailers. $25

Bath & Body Works $10

Nook by Barnes &Noble $100, 25, 10, & 5!!!

Einstein Bros. $10

Six Flags on day admission $37.50

Target rebate increase 2.50%!! yeah Target

Because Scrips is so wonderful, they have added some small denomination cards just for the Holidays.  Don’t wait on these.  They are in limited quantities and may not be available next month.

Amazon $10; Barnes &Noble$5; Target $10; Panera $5; Walmart $10. 

You could use these for the mailman, hairdresser, teacher, teacher assistants, secretaries, stocking stuffers, kids at college, or your fav Scrips order person (aahemm).   

Those are awesome.  Beat the black Friday blues and buy Scrips instead.  You can buy Scrips cards and then shop online.  Wow, think of the gas you save (he he)!! 

Orders are due November 14th, and will be delivered November 21st.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!