December Scrips

December Scrips
Christmas time is upon us.  It’s not to late to order Scrip cards for your holiday shopping or for gift giving.  This months cards will be delivered to the troop meeting on Thursday, December 19th. 

As a side note: some of the $5 cards may not be available anymore.  These were in limited quantities. I’m not sure what to say on that other than, if you order these, there may be a possibility we will have to change the order. 

Don’t forget to order your Panera gift cards for the Bread Co night coming in January!!!!!

***If you are ordering St. Louis Bread Co cards from now on, just order Panera.  They are good at any St. Louis Bread Co location.  This makes placing the order easier for me.  Thanks for your cooperation in this matter!

All orders are due this Thursday, December 12th. The link for the order form is at the top of this post.  Just shadow over the words December Scrips.

Any questions call me 314-638-9667 or