No Meeting Tonight


Once again due to the snow, we will not meet.  However there are a couple of items to discuss.

1.  Scripts – If you have a script order, please notify Jennifer Edgar that you have one and drop it off to her.   E-mail her at –  Once she receives all the orders from people she hears from, she will place the order.

2.  Truck Transportation Merit Badge.  Per Bob Ham’s comment on the post – They are taking walk-in’s Saturday morning if you are interested.  If you need a MB card, I will be home tonight – call me 591-6800 and swing by and pick one up.

3.  Other random MB cards.  A couple of you have inquired about MB cards.  If you need them before the weekend, please call me and you can come get them.

4.  Paneara Bread Fundraiser Jan 23rd.  We will be having a fundraiser at Panera Bread on Thursday the 23rd and the Breadco in Affton.  Make sure you buy your Script cards for this event.  It is a double win!!


I think that is it for now – Maybe some day we will get back to normal!!!!

Stay Safe!!


Mr. Piel