3rd Time is the charm!!!


Maybe this week we will be able to meet at Mesnier at our regular time 7pm.

PLC will meet at 6:30.

Also – see note below from Mr. Waeltermann about the Pack Pinewood Derby.  They are going to have an open race.  Fix up one of your old cars and bring it out!!

The Derby is January 25th at Concord Church.  13775 Tesson Ferry Road –

The open race will be the first race at 11:30am at Concord Church.
“OPEN RACE:  The racing will start with an OPEN race.  We do not award trophies for this race.  The race is open to all cars except the cars registered in the official Pack race.  For the open race, the official pinewood derby rules do not have to be followed.  Cars that possibly could damage the track will not be allowed to race.  Parents, this is your chance to race your own car.  Make a car and have a little fun racing it.”
Larry Waeltermann
(314)443-1658 cell
See you all Thursday,
Mr. Piel