Hey Klondiker’s

For those going to Klondike, I just wanted to send a note with the details we talked about last night.

We will be in McBride Cabin at Beaumont

  • Meet at the Administration building at 6pm (Be already fed dinner)
  • We will leave at 6:15
  • We will be back on Sunday by 11:30am


Be prepared for the cold, wet – all of the above plus more.  Bring extra dry clothes, shoes & socks.  Bring an actual coat & gloves and hat.  Bring a pair of house shoes to wear only in the cabin.  Warm sleeping bag!

You do not need to bring your full mess kit.  You will only need your utensils, a drinking cup & water bottle.

Electronics are ok for this weekend, but bring at your own risk.  Don’t forget your Scout Handbooks.

If for some reason you aren’t able to make it this weekend please call me and let me know so we aren’t waiting for you.  314-591-6800

See you all tonight,

Mr. Piel