Scrip Cards–(a must read)


Scrip cards are a great fundraiser.  I firmly believe they are the most user friendly and practical way to fundraise.  Often referred to as the “not a fundraiser, fundraiser”.  You have all heard my rant of the glories of scrips before!!!

In today’s world it is increasingly difficult to keep our monies safe.  Identity theft, credit card fraud, you name it.  This has made me do much reflection on the importance of SCRIPS even more! Many times I think that my family needs to go back to the days of paying with cash.  Can I even remember that? Hardly.  Paying with cash is safe right? Maybe.  It helps you budget for the week/month as well.  Why not give it a go.  Set a goal for ourselves to use more scrips cards each month.  After all, using Scrips is like using cash.  You paid for them upfront, and you only have so much to spend.

This leads me to my entire point of this post.  How do I keep my SCRIP cards safe?  I contacted a rep from GLSC.  These were a few of her suggestions:

1.  Photo copy your cards each month.  If you don’t have access to a copier, then go old school & write down the numbers that are on the backs of the cards.  Make sure you also note which card they go with.

2.  You could also take a picture of the backs.  Just maybe don’t use your cell, incase it’s stolen.

3.  Your cards contain a magnetic strip.  Don’t let them touch each other.

4.  If you lose your cards, if they are stolen, or for some strange they don’t work.  You do have recourse as long as you have the numbers on the back. 

Given these few guidelines, it makes me think SCRIPS are safer than cash.  If I lose my cash, the bank isn’t going to give it back to me.

So… SCRIPS.  You’ll be so glad you did later.