Mesnier read-in Info

This Thursday March 6, is the read-in at Mesnier.  So far I have the following boys listed as able to volunteer:

Josh Ham, Isaac, Kenny & Alex, Clayton, Curtis, Lathan & Lachlan, Matt. Hope I am not forgetting anyone.  The read-in is early with a start time of 6pm.  I am looking for everyone to arrive around 5:15.  This will give us enough time to set up the tents & get our other assignments for the evening. It should end around 7:30.

If transportation is an issue (I know this is early and some are not home from work yet), let me know as soon as possible. We can arrange rides.  Please call or text me 392-7121.  The coordinators are so excited to have us helping at this event.  Again, please come dressed in Class A.

Also, if anyone would like to come and I don’t have your name on the list please let me know!!!


Jennifer Edgar