Hey Troop,

Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break so far.  Just a couple of reminders.

  1.      There will be no meeting this week
  2.     If you are attending the Merit Badge University this weekend, you will need to get a card from me before Friday.  I am leaving town Friday afternoon.
  3.     To those who are attending the One Day of Service, please see note below from the lodge:


A Message from Shawnee Lodge #51, Order of the Arrow:


As a reminder, the One Day of Service will be held at Wilmore Park, where we will be meeting on March 29, 2014. Registration will begin at 8:00 am. The following items are REQUIRED for all participants to bring. It is very important that all participants have these items to ensure their safety during the work day.

  •   Work Boots
  •   Work Gloves
  •   First Aid Kit
  •   Water Bottle
  •   Safety Glasses
  •   Be prepared for the weather (We will work Rain or Shine)
  •   Scout uniforms are not required

Chapter Assignments

Boone Trials- Tree Mulching and Care

North Star- Honeysuckle Removal (With Osage)

Pathfinder-Offsite Honeysuckle Removal (With TB)

Grand Towers- Vine Removal (With OZT)

Gravois Trail- Fenceline Cleanup

Ozark Trailblazers- Vine Removal (With Grand)

Osage- Honeysuckle Removal (with NS)

New Horizons-Curb Cleanup

River Trails- Shoreline Cleanup

Thunderbird- Offsite Honeysuckle Removal (With PF)

Materials Needed

  •   Honeysuckle Removal-loppers, hand saws, pruning shears, wheelbarrows, disposable tarps
  •   Fence line Cleanup-loppers, hand saws, pruning shears, wheelbarrows, disposable tarps
  •   Tree Mulching-pruning shears (no knives on the pipes, they can harm the trunks), wheelbarrows, disposable tarps, shovels, pitchforks, rakes
  •   Vine Removal-pruning shears, loppers, wheelbarrows, disposable tarps
  •   Curb Cleanup-extra work gloves, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, disposable tarps
  •   Lake Cleanup-long-poled fishing or pool nets, shovels, wheelbarrows, disposable tarps
  •   Offsite Honeysuckle Removal-loppers, hand saws, pruning shears

More information about the specifics of each project will be given to the Chiefs at the LEC on Tuesday. We will work until around 12:30, after which everyone will return to the headquarters for lunch. After lunch, we will begin our Hodag party.  Be sure to stick around in the afternoon and party!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at I look forward to seeing you all at the One Day of Service this Saturday.

Yours in Service,

Thomas Van Horn

Shawnee Lodge First Vice-Chief 2013-2014


Have a great rest of your Spring Break!!


Mr. Piel