April Scrips- and a brief overview

view order form here April Scrips

April is here already!  How do the months slip by so quickly? I hope everyone is putting those Lowe’s cards they purchased last month to good use.  Now is the time to begin looking ahead to summer.  Namely summer vacations.  Scrip cards are a great way to get ahead start on that vacation budget.  Start buying gas and restaurant cards now so your wallet will thank you later.

We have many new families in the troop.  Thanks to those who have started participating in our Scrips program.  I would like to clarify a few details to make the order process simpler.

Orders are always turned in on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  The cards will be delivered on the 3rd Thursday.  I will usually send the new order form in a blog post about a week in advance.  If you need one sooner, please feel free to use the previous months.  The order will basically be the same, with the exception of the rebates changing slightly.  If you will not be attending the 3rd Thursday’s meeting, and have an order to pick-up, it is your responsibility to contact me to get your cards.  Otherwise I will hold on to them until the next week’s meeting.

Keep those cards safe.  Never let the magnetic strips touch.  Losing a card is like losing cash.  When you get your cards, either write down the numbers on the back, or make a photo copy of them.  These numbers are your only recourse if you lose them.  If they do become lost, contact me as soon as you can.

Also, note that the rebate amounts are subject to change at any time.  I have no control over the % changing from the time I send out the order form, to the time I submit the order.

I hope that answers a lot of questions.  If you can think of anything more please let me know via email (don’t post comments on the blog, I don’t check them) speedracer5548@yahoo.com or jedgar@afftonschools.net.

Thanks and have a fantastic week!!