Reminders and Weekend Info


A couple of reminders for tonight.

  1.  Weather permitting we will be meeting at 6:30 at Grants trail.  We will meet at the lot off of Tesshire by the lumber yard.  We will be going over hiking/orienteering requirements.
  2. If the weather is sketchy, make sure you check your e-mail after 5 before you leave for the meeting.  If the weather isn’t cooperating we will meet at Mesnier at 6:30 instead.
  3. If you have a compass, bring it please.


Weekend Camping Info for those who are signed up:

We will meet at the admin building at 6:00pm.

This weekend will be tent camping and patrol cooking.  Boys will need their full mess kits and water bottles and cups.

***Have your Scout bring an old shower curtain or small tarp (no bigger than 7’x9’) to put in the bottom of the tent.  It is common for moisture to wick up through the bottom of the tents.  It’s a good idea to have some sort of liner inside the tent to put your stuff on top of.

Gas Money will be $10 (cash) per Scout.  Please bring it with you on Friday.

Our plan is to be back noon’ish Sunday.

Remember – BE PREPARED!



Mr. Piel