Sorry, it took so long but it took some time to work out the details.  Here is the plan.


We will be meeting at Rogers at 7pm for out troop meeting.  We will be playing Ga-Ga Ball.  While the boys are playing ball,the leaders will have a brief conference with each Scout going to summer camp.  They will be going over their schedule and point out any prerequisites that are call out in the packet I had sent to everyone.

If it is raining, we will meet at the Church of the Reformation on Mckenzie next to Fortell’s.  Drive around back and enter the fellowship hall from the back.  Boys can bring cards to play.  There also will be some video games to play as well.  Thanks to Robert for allowing us to use his church as a backup.


PLC will meet at 6 to go over summer meeting ideas.  If it is raining for PLC, we will meet at 6 at the church.




Thursday June 26th.  – For this troop meeting, we will be having a special summer camp parent’s meeting.  At the meeting, I will hand out all the final summer camp details like mailing address, camp phone#, traveling schedule and logistics.  If your Scout is going to camp, please be there.



Mr. Piel