Summer Camp Reminders


Just a few reminders about this weekend’s schedule and Summer Camp.

Trailer Loading – We will load the trailer Saturday the 5th of  July.  Time between 9:30 & 11am.  Everyone must bring their gear Saturday to pack into the trailer.  We want to be able to meet Sunday, jump into cars and go.  There will not be extra space for gear in the vehicles .  You will also be turning in any medications that your Scout will need for the week as well as any money if you want us to hand it out for you.  **ANY OUTSTANDING MEDICAL FORMS ALSO MUST BE TURNED IN OR YOU CAN’T GO TO CAMP**


Travel notes:   Sunday we will leave the admin building at 8am – so be there ready to go at 7:45am.   We are asking that you bring your Scout with a sack lunch to eat on the way.   (Saturday the 12th, we should be home around lunch time.)


While traveling, we always wear CLASS A Uniforms with proper shorts (no gym shorts!).  We will also be wearing our Class A for special campfire events and evening dinners.


MONEY:   There is a Trading Post at camp where Scouts can buy lots of stuff.  Typically a Scout might spend $40ish dollars.  If you would like, you can put money in a separate envelope and give to us to dispense when needed.  DON’T FORGET ANY MONEY NEEDED FOR FEE’S REQUIRED FOR SOME MERIT BADGES.


OA Members – Remember to bring  your Sash and complete uniform.


MERIT BADGES:   Please have your Scout go to www. and print out work sheets for each badge they are taking.  Please make sure they complete any pre-requisites before camp and get it filled out on the worksheet.  I hate for a Scout to go to camp and not complete a badge.  Have them keep all their stuff in a folder with some extra paper and pen or pencil.


MAIL:  Scouts love to get mail or packages from home during camp.  You need to think about sending them now.   I would suggest , if you are intending to mail several packages, you can mail them all on the same day and number them 1, 2, …  That way when I collect and hand out the mail, I will give them out each day in order.

Kia Kima Scout Reservation

Troop 821/Scout Name

629 Kia Kima Trail

Hardy, AR 72542


Camp Phone Number – 870-257-4717


Please e-mail me at if you have any other questions.




Mr. Piel