Day Final – Total Domination Yesterday

Today is the final day at camp.  Boys will be spending the day taking care of any loose ends that need to be finished up.

You can be proud of our boys for totally dominating the sports challenges by winning both the volleyball and dodge ball events yesterday!!!  The boys are looking to dominate again in finishing off the Staff in a volleyball playoff.

It’s been a great week – can’t believe we go home tomorrow.  We are still hoping to be rolling by 8ish to be back at the admin by 1ish.  We will do our normal call as we are getting  back into town.

I know everyone will be excited to see their Scouts and will be ready to hear all about it as you make your way home tomorrow.  If I could please make sure your Scout is helping to unload the trailer, also I would ask you not to leave the admin until I release you all.  We need all they boys to help get the trailer unloaded, as well as make sure any loose gear is accounted for.


Thanks for letting your Scout come to camp.  This will be a week they will remember forever.



Mr. Piel