I was going to… send a post stating that are only 133 days left until Christmas.  You should use this time wisely and pre-plan by ordering Scrip cards now.

I was going to…send a post telling you that I’ve forgotten to send this month’s post in regards to Scrips, and to please forgive me  for the late notice.  BTW orders are due this Thursday 8/14.

I was going to… send a post mourning the loss of Summer so early.  Some of you might be happy, but most are crying right now.  Yes, tomorrow is FDOS. First day of school for those that don’t speak my language. I know you could kick yourself for not having Scrip cards to buy those back to school supplies.

But instead…I will not send a post reminding you to buy Scrip cards because there are only 9 more Scrip orders until Summer camp 2015 need to be paid for.  Instead today, August 13th, is National Left Handed Awareness Day.  Get your loved one a gift.  Use a Scrip card to buy it.

find order form here————>>>August Scrips