Message from Mr Rhodes


I will be approving physical fitness plans for those boys who bring theirs.  As of right now, only three have come to me with their plans.  The plan does not have to be perfect, as I will give some advice on how to adjust it and make it meaningful.  I would like to see something on a chart that shows the exercise intended to be performed for that day of the week.  You do not have to have something for all seven days.  If you bring me the worksheet with that requirement filled out, I will ask that you transfer that plan to the log.

One thing I will advise is not to list push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups individually, but lump them in as a single activity titled “Strength Training” or something similar.  Do the same for cardio exercises too.  Please vary your routines, this will keep you engaged in the program.  Maybe one week you do three sets of strength training (MWF), followed by only two sets of strength training (Tues Thur) the next week.  The week you do three strength training sets, have two cardio (Tue Thur) sets.  The week of only two strength sets, do three cardio sets (MWF).  Maybe make one of the cardio days a wind sprint day.

Also, start reading the merit badge book, or completing the worksheet.  I will be meeting with you during the next several weeks to discuss requirements.  This is going to be a lengthy process and will need you to honor your commitment of working on the requirements.  “Uh, I forgot” is not the right answer.