Re-chartering Dues December 4th and new fundraising structure starting January 1st

Scout re-charting dues of $75.00 are due December 4, 2014!

These dues will cover Boy Scout re-charter fees.

We have chosen to move away from the 50/50 model of fundraising next year. Starting January 1, 2015 – 100% of your scout’s fundraising will go to their scout account. Yes, every dime you fundraise will go toward your scouting experience. You may use these funds to pay for any scout related activity including dues, camps, food and/or gas for camps, etc. This account is not for personal camping/scouting gear.

Note: If you are using your scout account to pay for any of these, please tell Mrs. Neaf 2 weeks before the camp. This will allow her to get the funds from the bank to pay for food and gas prior to camp.

We will be asking for a second round of dues of $75.00 on May 1, 2015. Again, this can be paid for with scout fundraising accounts. These dues will cover the Troop expenses such as merit badges, rank advancement badges, camping supplies (tents, propane, lanterns) trailer updates/repairs, etc.

Note about scout account: If a scout is to leave scouting the Fundraising/Scout account will remaining with the troop. The only exception would be if your scout goes to the venturing crew or another troop. We will consider writing a check in the amount of your scouts account only to the new crew/troop.

Extra Notes:
Good news for multi scout households – you will get a $10 discount for each scout after the first one. Example: First scout = $75.00 – Second scout = $65.00 – Third scout = $65.00.

If you are not going to re-charter, please tell one of the leaders so we can take your scout off the books.

As always, please ask if you have any questions.


Brian Krakos