Space Jam/ Merit Badge Books


Please let me know if your scout would be able to or not be able to leave for Space Jam at 1pm on Aug. 7th. We are trying to decide if we can all leave early or if we need to leave in 2 groups.

Please return Merit Badge books you are finished with, we are trying to get an idea of everything in the library.

I’ve had many questions about Space Jam merit badges. I can only assume that Scouts received the Merit Badges they choose, since we registered early. The list of merit badges by scout, and the prereq list is on the stltroop821 merit badge page tab. I hope to have gas money is $20.00, $12.00 food money is due July 23rd meeting, if you will not be there, Get the money to me. I will give more details as the Date gets closer.


Mr. Wagoner