Thursday 2/11



Thursday we will be working on Sustainability, & Photography merit badges

Final Sign-ups for crossover campout @ Wenzel lodge @ S-F are Thursday 2/10 money is due cost $20.00 Cash Only

March 11-13 Camp out @ Beaumont in Adirondacks, Sign ups start 2/11 $17.00 cash only.

Space Jam sign ups are due February 25th form and money are due $45.00 SpaceJam10Spreadsheet

The Last Scout night at the Blues is April 4th, cost is $25.00. Need money to Mrs. Ennis by March 10th. We have 20 tickets reserved, so the first 20 get them.

February 18th we will be roller skating @ Rock Roll Orena Skating from 6:30-8:30 Cost: $4.50, Skate rental $2.00, inline $3.75. We will meet @ 5:45 leave at 6 from the admin building, Please sign up  Thursday.

Summer camp deposit $25.00 per Scout is due March 17th. We will start collecting March 3rd. Remaining balance is due May 19th. Older Scout programs registration Starts April 1st We will go over in March how to register. Camp Tomahawk has been updating their website so check it out and start planning for summer camp

PLC meets @ 6:30pm






MERIT BADGES Merit badge workshops – Check the merit badge tab on the blog page. Check the tab for a list of merit badge councilors in our troop



Crossover campout Feb. 19-21

March 11 Camping Adirondacks @ Beaumont Sign ups start Feb. 18 cost $17.00 Cash Only

Summer camp: Camp Tomahawk July 9-16 Birchwood WI information




Feb. 18th Roller Skating Rock Roll Orena 6:30- 8:30 meet 6:00 Skating $4.50 Rental $2.00 or $3.75 inline

March 3rd Away meeting Epic 6

March 10 Court of Honor Mesnier Gym (Friends of Scouting)



 O.A Dues will be $10.00 for 2016 you can pay @

Gravois Trail banquet Feb 10 Check

Arrowman experience March 5th check web site for details

 April 1-3 Spring Conclave @ Beaumont




Mr. Wagoner