Space Jam



News flash Airplane Rides return to Space Jam

On Saturday morning, the Young Eagles pilots group will be offering flights to Space Jam participants and sharing the cost of renting the airport. Only 60 scouts will be included in this option in two groups; 7am to 8am and 8-9am. Costs is $10… HOWEVER, scouts must have a parent or guardian on site to sign paperwork in order to fly. No exceptions, don’t ask. This is the only logistical path open to scouts. In addition, new to their program, is the possibility of adults taking flights after 9am. Yes, they also need to register and pay the $10 cost. We don’t need names, just the number of adults who wish to participate. By the way, technically, adults need to ‘verbally’ express an interest in learning to fly. To register- scouts: should circle which morning hour they wish to fly and add the $10 fee. Adults: just write in the number of adults $10 fees that are included.




Mr. Wagoner