This Thursday



This Thursday we will be back at Mesnier doing 1st aid merit badge

Friday we will meet at 5:45, leaving at 6 for Sam A Baker camp out.

We are having sign ups for Memorial Day Good turn May 29th

We are also starting a uniform recycling program, if you have an old uniform to donate please see Bette Black.

Starting April 28th we will be starting summer camp meetings, CPR training (April 28th), Bear Training (TBD), OA elections (TBD) & swim tests (May 19th AHS Pool 6:30) Those attending Summer Camp need to make every effort to attend. CPR & Bear training are required to attend summer camp.

Summer Camp:

Please start turning in merit badge choices, email or turn in on paper.White Pine Merit Badge Schedule I will also give Balance due in May, most will be $247.00. If you are going to summer camp, we need 2 copies of heath forms parts A,B,&C Health form ABC (one needs to stay at summer camp for 2 years). If you are not going to summer camp, we need part A&B. We need health forms by June 16. If this is a problem, please let Laura Tague know.





MERIT BADGES Merit badge workshops – Check the merit badge tab on the blog page. Check the tab for a list of merit badge councilors in our troop



May 20-22 Mastodon State Park, sign ups Start April 28 Money due May 12th. Cash Only

June 10-12 Washington State Park, Sign ups start May 19th Money Due June 2 Cash Only

Summer camp: Camp Tomahawk July 9-16 Birchwood WI information




April 22-24 Camping Sam A. Baker State Park

May 6th Greg Wagoner Eagle Court of Honor Remember to RSVP

May 19th Swim Test AHS Pool

May 29th Memorial Day Good Turn 11:30





O.A Dues will be $10.00 for 2016 you can pay @


OA one day of service May 7th Robertsville State Park


May 18th Chapter Meeting







Mr. Wagoner