Car Wash




Parents, Guardians and Families of Troop 821,

We will be hosting a Car Wash on Saturday, June 18th from 8 am to 3pm at Affton High School, to raise money for Gas to summer camp.

We are looking for Volunteers (boys, parents, siblings) to help wash cars that Day and a few donations and things we can borrow to help this be a success.


Donations Needed:  Car Washing Soap


Things we can Borrow:

  • Small Rags or Sponges for washing
  • towels/ rags for Drying
  • Buckets
  • Brushes for washing (short ones and long ones)
  • Hoses (long ones or ones we can connect)
  • Spray nozzles for end of hoses/ Splitters
  • Pop up tent for shadeI know this is short notice with it being next week. If you are not able to come help but have some things to donate or lend please let Laylla (Tyler Brinton-Lo’s mom) know 314-683-0469 or let Dana Ennis know 
  • Please reply to the blog the item/Items you can help with, and when you can help.