This week we are meeting at Clydesdale Park 7:00pm. We will be going over summer camp stuff, packing needs, Prereqs, and giving out the bear containers to those who missed the last meeting. We will also have the library there. Greg, Nic & Henry will also be sharing some of what they learned last week with the Troop.

Summer Camp:

Thanks to Mrs. Lo and Mrs. Ennis, for all their work on the car wash and Texas Roadhouse, gas money will be $25.00 per scout (includes lunch for the way up) Scouts need to bring money for lunch on the way back on the 16th (we will stop at a fast food place). Make sure you pack for lows in the 50’s.

We will be packing the trailer for summer camp Thursday July 7th 6:30. Bring all gear, money (spending,gas), forms (medical, consent Consent form Summer Camp 16,& medicine distribution forms Troop 821 Medication Form) We are pulling out on Saturday July 9th @ 4:30am, we need everyone’s stuff on the 7th.

If you are going to summer camp, we need 2 copies of heath forms parts A,B,&C Health form ABC(one needs to stay at summer camp for 2 years). If you are not going to summer camp, we need part A&B. We need health forms by June 16. If this is a problem, please let Laura Tague know.



SCRIPT ORDERS –   ORDERS ARE DUE July 14th drop by my house, you can leave in the mail slot


MERIT BADGES Merit badge workshops – All merit badge workshops are being reevaluated by council, please check with Mr. Wagoner before signing up for one.



Summer camp: Camp Tomahawk July 9-16 Birchwood WI information




June 30 Clydesdale Park

July 7 Pack trailer for summer camp Admin building

July 9-16 Summer camp Birchwood WI

July 28 Mini Golf Tower Tee 6:30

July 30 9-12 Clothing Drive (Mesnier)

Aug 5-7 Space Jam






O.A Dues will be $10.00 for 2016 you can pay @








Mr. Wagoner