This Week


This week we will not meet

We will be returning to weekly meetings August 25 at Mesnier in the gym 7-8:15ish. Please try to come in the gym weekly at 8 to listen to the announcements. I realize some meetings go until 8:15, but we try to start closing by 8, so please be on time to pick up, I want to be home by 8:30, and sometimes the leaders have things to discuss after the boys leave.

Please return Merit Badge books.

When we go camping, our return time is typically 12:00. If the tents are dry, we can be home faster. Please plan to pick up, or make other arraignment to have someone pick up your son. I will try to make a facebook post when we are leaving camp, and they will start calling home about 20 minutes away. After camping the leaders want to go home and see their family and unpack.

If you are trying to contact me please about a question, please Email I try to answer as fast as I can, but it might take a day or so. Sometimes I need to check into the correct answer. Please try to refrain from calling and texts (unless you need me while we are camping).

The St. Louis Blues are once again doing Scout nights. This season’s dates are Tuesday Oct 25, Thursday Dec 1 and Monday March 27. All games are 7pm. Each ticket includes a ticket plus a patch. Prices are $27.00 each. See Mrs. Ennis

At the bottom is the yearly events that were planned at Yearly planning meeting. (There may be additions and date changes)

OA members see below



SCRIPT ORDERS –   ORDERS ARE DUE September 8th if you are not going to the meeting drop it in the slot.

Pick up this month at my house. Please call first.



Please read, this is extremely important information regarding Rank advancement & Eagle Board of Reviews advancement report Aug 2 2016



PACAO Oct 21-23 Beaumont $23.00 (Food & registration) Sign ups start Sept 29th




Clayton Eagle Project Sept 17

Affton Days Sept. 24

Hike 10 mile September 25 Location TBD




Fall Reunion September 9-11 early prices end Aug 26th. Brothers buy the (Brother with dinner) $15.00. New candidates buy the (candidate ticket) $15.00. you will need your BSA Membership number. Email me after you register, so I know how many are going.


O.A Dues will be $10.00 for 2016 you can pay @ candidates do not pay dues.






Mr. Wagoner

2016/2017 Activities:

All Thursday meeting are at Mesnier Gym, unless noted.

Aug 25 1st Meeting

Sept 9-11 OA Fall reunion (for OA Members only)

Sept 17th Clayton Eagle Project

Sept 17th Popcorn Sales @ Dierbergs

Sept 22nd Dessert Court of Honor High School Commons

Sept 24th Affton Days

Sept 25th 10 Mile Hike TBD

Oct. 1 Popcorn Sale @ Shop N Save

Oct 21-23 PACAO Beaumont Scout Reservation

Oct 25th Scout night with the Blues

Oct 27th No Mesnier Bike ride Grants Trail

Nov 12 & 19 Scouting for food

Nov 13 Hike TBD

Dec. 1 Scout night with the Blues

Dec 8 No Mesnier Epic 6

Nov 17th Dec Dues are due $75.00

Dec 15 Court of Honor (gift exchange)

Jan 27-29 Klondike camping

Feb 17-19 Crossover campout

March 2nd No Mesnier The Edge Laser Tag

March 27th Scout night with the Blues

March 31-May 2 Tree Houses S-F

March 6th Court of Honor

March 21-23 OA Spring Conclave (OA Members only)

March 28-30 Campout Trail of Tears State Park

May 4th May dues are due $75.00

May 6th Shoot O Ree

May 18th Last regular meeting

May 19-21 Campout Camp Vandavender

May 28th Memorial Day Good Turn

June 9th Campout Washington State Park

July 9-15 Summer camp 1st choice (won’t know until Oct).

July 16-22 Summer camp 2nd choice (won’t know until Oct).

Aug 4-6 Space Jam