Citizenship in the World



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March 4, 2017


Registration will start January 3, 2017

The Boy Scout “Citizenship in the World Badge Fair” is held each year in January and February. This coming year we will only be doing one.

More than 4,600 scouts throughout the Metro-politan St. Louis region and parts of Illinois have participated in this annual fair.

The Scout need only to attend one day in order to earn the badge.


The fair consist of two sessions. In the first session, scouts will attend eight classes that covers nine requirements of the badge. Each class is 20 minutes long. The classes are presented by various organizations. Some of the people we have had in the past include: The American Red Cross, The United Nations of St. Louis Citigroup, St. Louis University Law School, and the FBI.


The second session will be in the afternoon; this is the counselor session. The scouts are put in small groups with a Citizenship in the World Merit Badge Counselor. Counselors will have scouts present and discuss Requirements 3B and either 7 (A, B, D, or E). These two requirements must be written in report form and done prior to attending the fair. This session could be from 15-20 minutes depending on the counselor. After the counselor talks to the scout they will sign off the classes they attended that day and if they approve the reports on the merit badge card. If all the requirements have been completed then a scout will complete the badge.


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Mr. Wagoner