This Week


This week we are back at Mesnier, working on rank requirements, and Personal Fitness merit badge. PLC meets at 6″30

 March camping @ Hawn State Park, 3/16-18 We will meet at 5:30pm @ the admin building. Please eat before you arrive.

March 22nd meeting will be an away meeting at White Cliff park (this is a change from the schedule)

Personal Management merit badge (Not for new scouts): you need to complete requirement 2 (13-week log), Requirement 8 and 10 A&B then talk with Mr. Lanemann.

Personal fitness merit badge (Not for new scouts): Print out the worksheet Personal-Fitness worksheet You need to complete requirement #6 and have it ready to show to Mr. Rhodes on 3/15 meeting. You will then run through requirement #7 on the 15th

Summer camp payments will be due: Balance due May 3rd the week is July 8-July 14. Merit badge sign up begins April 4 2018. Merit Badges 2018 Please let me know your choices by email by March 29th. I will be available on March 22 meeting to discuss choices.

If you are not able to attend summer camp with our troop, or want another week of camp, see me about opportunities at Beaumont or S-F. There is a provisional summer camp, and STEM camps available. scroll down to specialty camps. Scouts that have been to summer camp for 2 years may attend NYLT see me if you are interested.

Yearly plans Meetings Feb- July






March 16-18 Hawn State Park (17.00)

April 27-29 Camporee ($21.00)



March 22 Away meeting at White Cliff Park



PLC Meetings:

March 20th Maker Space Room




  Lodge dues are $10.00 You do not owe dues for 2017 if you either a) completed your Ordeal at the 2017 Fall Reunion or b) completed your Brotherhood anytime during 2017 pay at

Spring Conclave is April 13-15 at Beaumont

May 5th One Day of Service





Mr. Wagoner