This week we will be off this week, due to Spring Break,

Next meeting is April 5th is Away meeting @ The Edge Cost $15.00 We will do 2 Games We will meet at the Admin Building 6:30

We will be camping at Beaumont April 20-22 This is a change since we cannot attend camporee. Cost will be $15.00 and scouts will be dropped off at Beaumont on Friday night.


Space Jam Sign Up


Space Jamboree is August 3 – 4. 

Space Jamboree Cost: $55 per person (including adults) 

Food and gas will be collected at a later date.


We will be leaving on Friday at mid-morning and returning on Saturday evening.


Merit Badges –

(Please refresh this link as classes may be full and this spreadsheet changes often.)

Print the Merit Badge list.  Make sure you click on the print icon, then go to scale and click on “fit to page”.  Print two copies.  One to keep and one to turn in to Mrs. Tague

(Please note – we will not be doing flights unless a parent is in attendance.)

The last day for registrations is Thursday, April 5th.

Questions – please see Mrs. Tague


Personal Management merit badge (Not for new scouts): you need to complete requirement #2 (13-week log), Requirement 8 and 10 A&B then talk with Mr. Lanemann.

Summer camp payments will be due: Balance due May 3rd the week is July 8-July 14. Merit badge sign up begins April 4 2018. Merit Badges 2018 Please let me know your choices by email by March 29th.  

If you have ideas for fund raising for gas money for summer camp, talk with Mr. Wagoner or Mr. Krakos.

If you are not able to attend summer camp with our troop, or want another week of camp, see me about opportunities at Beaumont or S-F. There is a provisional summer camp, and STEM camps available. scroll down to specialty camps. Scouts that have been to summer camp for 2 years may attend NYLT see me if you are interested.

May Dues of $80.00 will be due May 3rd

Yearly plans Meetings Feb- July






April 20-22 Beaumont



April 5th The Edge


PLC Meetings:

April 17th 6:30 in the Mesnier Makerspace room




  Lodge dues are $10.00 You do not owe dues for 2017 if you either a) completed your Ordeal at the 2017 Fall Reunion or b) completed your Brotherhood anytime during 2017 pay at

Spring Conclave is April 13-15 at Beaumont register @ get brother without dinner and let Mr. Lanemann know. Food cost will be $15 due April 5th.

May 5th One Day of Service





Mr. Wagoner