This Week


This week We are off.

Summer meeting schedule:

June 7th Whitecliff park (Leave No Trace requirement)

June 21st Snyder Park {Clydesdale Park} Summer camp parent meeting/ Geocashing

July 5th Admin Building (Pack Trailer and med form check)

July 7-14 Summer camp

July 26th TBD

Aug 9th TBD

Personal Management merit badge (Not for new scouts): you need to complete requirement #2 (13-week log), Requirement 8 and 10 A&B then talk with Mr. Lanemann.

If you have ideas for fund raising for gas money for summer camp, talk with Mr. Wagoner or Mr. Krakos.

June 8-10 at Camp MacClosson signups have started, money is due May17th $22.00

If you are not able to attend summer camp with our troop, or want another week of camp, see me about opportunities at Beaumont or S-F. There is a provisional summer camp, and STEM camps available. scroll down to specialty camps. Scouts that have been to summer camp for 2 years may attend NYLT see me if you are interested. Make sure you let Mr. Wagoner know or you will not get credit.



SCRIPT ORDERS –   ORDERS ARE DUE June 14th Drop at my house








PLC Meetings:









Mr. Wagoner