This week we will be working on CyberChip…

This week we will be working on CyberChip. The boys need to review the requirements for their age group.

May 2nd meeting – Den 3 will visit. Part of the meeting will be discussing meeting plans for next school year and what we want to do for away meetings. (We need parent input on the away meetings for cost and distance.) The boys will then help Den 3 with Arrow of Light requirements.

Upcoming camping trips – Please note the last sign up/payment is a week before camping. (Costs TBA)

May 17 – May 19 Beaumont/Shippey field – last sign up May 9

June 7 – 9 – Camp MacClosson – Last sign up May 30. We have the cabin for adults and field for the boys to sleep in tents. I also booked the lake for fishing.