Summer Meetings – See below Car wash Information

June 1 – Pack / Troop Car wash. From Rob Kirk – (Some of this information is directed toward the Pack.)

Hey all don’t forget next Saturday June 1st is our 1st fund raising car wash of the year.

A few things about the car wash:

*Be at Affton high school at 8:30 am if you are coming early to help set up otherwise show up when you can. If staying till the end plan on helping to clean up. This also a rain or shine event unless there is severe weather in the area.

* if you have any hoses, buckets sponges or any car wash supplies please consider bringing them. We mainly need hoses and sprayers

* scouts will earn camp funds for based on the hours they work during the time the car wash is open (9am to 3pm or when we have no traffic anymore). Please try to work in hour increments only as it’s easier for me to calculate.

* please bring something to drink and eat/snack on.

* the school will not be open for restrooms so we have parents typical go down to the 7-11 or another nearest house or establishment for rest room breaks.

* Wear your swim suit. You will get wet! Between washing cars, scouts can rest or play in the water.

*and most of all let’s have fun. The adults know it’s for a fund raiser so they dont expect their car to be perfect but as the cub scout motto goes, do your best.

*and since I feel the scouts are a bit more mature than the cub scouts they can be dropped off. Scout parents may stay if they like.

SUMMER CAMPAll Health Forms are Due by the June 20 Parent Meeting. Parts A, B, and C are mandatory, required by Council. It is required that Part C be filled out by the participant’s Doctor. This is a fillable PDF once it is downloaded.

Summer Meeting Information
June 6 – Meeting 7 pm at Whitecliff Park. Meal planning for Camp MacClosson.

June 7 – 9 – Camping at Camp MacClosson. Cost $22 I need to know who is attending this camping trip. This is taking the place of the cross-over camping trip that was canceled. (So, if you paid for that, you are good to go.) Please email Mrs. Tague at
As a reminder – The boys will be in tents to meet camping requirements. There are NO electronics allowed for this camping trip!

**I need to know if anyone is able to pull the Troop Trailer to Camp MacClosson. It is in Londell, MO about 40 miles down Gravois. Please let Mrs. Tague know!**

Summer Meetings – June 6

June 20 – Parent Summer Camp Meeting

July 5 – Pack Trailer for Summer Camp

July 7 – 13 – Summer Camp

August 2 – 3 or 4 – Space Jamboree