Our Troop has been asked to participate in a survey on Scouting. The information that was emailed to me is below. The survey will come to the Parent’s email. Please ask your Scout the questions. I felt that it was too invasive and divulging of private information to provide the Scout’s email. Together, we can improve the program for our Scouts.

Thank you for being a part of the BSA Building Evidence in Scouting Together (BEST) Study. Your voluntary contributions to this study are vital for BSA to learn more about how to support adult volunteers and youth development in Scouting today.
It is your troop’s turn to begin the first survey of the three online surveys for the BSA BEST study! In the next two weeks, the following will occur:
You will receive a packet that will include materials for Scouts and their parents about the Scout survey.
We will email Scouts (who provided an email address) links to the Scout survey.
We will email you and any Assistant Scoutmasters involved links to the Scouter survey.
Participating Scouts, Scoutmasters, and Assistant Scoutmasters can earn a three-part BEST Study patch!
Each Scouter and Scout registered for the study will be asked to complete three surveys over the course of this study.
For each survey, those who complete the survey will receive one segment of the patch.
Scouters and Scouts who complete all three of their surveys over the course of the study will have earned the complete patch!
These patches can only be earned through this study – just 11% of BSA Troops were selected across the country, so it is quite exclusive.
In addition, if you and 50% of your Scouts complete this first survey, we will email you a $25 Scout Shop gift card code for your troop, which can be used either online at or at any National Scout Shop near you.
Participation is completely voluntary. You and anyone in your troop can withdraw at any time.