Thursday meeting and camping

June 6 – Meeting 7 pm at Whitecliff Park. Lower shelter. Meal planning for Camp MacClosson.

June 7 – 9 – Camping at Camp MacClosson. Cost $22 I need to know who is attending this camping trip. This is taking the place of the cross-over camping trip that was canceled. (So, if you paid for that, you are good to go.) Please email Mrs. Tague at

Due to the forecast, the boys will be sleeping in the cabin. They can bring electronics and we will show a movie.

**I need to know if anyone is able to pull the Troop Trailer to Camp MacClosson. It is in Lonedell, MO about 40 miles down Gravois. Please let Mrs. Tague know!**

HEALTH FORMS ARE DUE – We will need parts A, B, and C (the part that is filled out by a physician) for summer camp.