Summer Camp

Tonight was the parent meeting for Summer Camp.

Pack the Trailer on July 5th– Admin Lot @ 7 pm

Leave for Camp: Meet at 11:15 am on July 7th for an 11:30 am sharp departure.

Scouts must be wearing Class A Uniform Shirt Eat lunch prior to leaving.

Dinner will be the first meal served at camp.

What to pack in the trailer: All personal gear needed for the week. Packing list is in the leader guide.

We are going to Camp Gamble. Scouts need to bring Fork, knife, and spoon.

ALL Health Forms (A, B, and C) must be current and turned in on 7/5.

What to bring on Sunday

Medications – Hand to Mrs. Tague at departure.

Fill out the medication form on July 5. Medications include any “as needed” like Tylenol/Alive or Tums. If a Scout is on ADHD medications during the school year to help with focusing, they should be on them for Summer Camp. These are classes where the Scouts are expected to focus and listen to the instructor.

Backpack with swimming suit and towel and Merit Badge Books and workbooks. From experience, it is best to use an old backpack to carry belongings during camp rather than a string bag.

There will not be room in cars for things you forgot to pack in your bag. Make one last check of your packing list before bringing it to the trailer.


Scout’s Name and Troop 821

Camp Gamble

Campsite: Weisman

S bar F Scout Ranch

Knob Lick, MO 63651

Merit Badges

The prerequisites are listed for EACH Merit Badge. It is the responsibility of the Scout to have any prerequisites completed and to ask the Scoutmaster(s) for anything needed.

Scouts should have the following for Summer Camp·

Merit Badge Book·

Merit Badge Workbook –·

Paper· Pen or pencils

MoneyIf you wish the adults to hold the money, it will be placed in a lock box. Bring in an envelope when we pack the trailer. There is no specific amount of money a Scout should bring to camp, but on the average, Scouts spend between $25 and $40, depending on the purchase of supplies for merit badges. (Allow for snacks and a camp T-shirt.)

Cell Phones and Electronics: Cell phones and electronics (including MP3 players) are not permitted at Summer Camp. If a Scout chooses to have electronics for the car trip to S-F, they must be left in the vehicle or locked in the Troop Trailer. This is due to not having a place to charge any electronics and the nature of the tents. It will rain during the week and things will get wet. The Troop is not responsible for any ruined cell phones/electronics.

Parent Night: Parents are invited to visit camp after 5 p.m. on Thursday evening, when they may bring a picnic dinner (we will need to know who is bringing dinner for their Scout for food count) and attend the Order of the Arrow call-out ceremony. Visitors need to plan on parking in the main parking lot and walking to their campsite and the OA ceremony area. Transportation is available for those needing assistance.

Pictures: We will post pictures as we can and internet availability. We have the Scouts class schedule and will do our best to visit the Merit Badge classes that are on Gamble. Please be respectful if you repost on your own FB page if there are other Scouts in the background.

Snacks/Extra FoodPlease do not send your Scout with snacks or extra food. Any items bought at the Trading Post and not eaten will be stored on the Troop Trailer. This is due to the rather tame raccoons and skunks at S-F.