Summer Camp Reminders . . .

As a reminder, we will pack the Trailer for Summer Camp on Friday, July 5th at 7 pm. (This is MANDATORY due to space in vehicles) The Summer Camp Packing List is on previous posts.

After the trailer is packed, we will have a brief meeting.

They either need to have their swimming suit with them in their backpack OR it needs to be where they can get to it easily. The Scouts need to have their own eating utensils. Another thing they may want is a cup for milk or juice.

Annual Medical Forms (Parts A,B, and C) MUST be turned in on July 5th. Also, at this time, ALL Scouts and adults health forms are expired. If your Scout isn’t going to Summer Camp, I still need Part A and B.

If Scouts are or have attended STEM Camp, they need to let me know the dates once the camp is completed. This counts toward rank, OA membership and the Camping Merit Badge. Also, if Scouts need Merit Badge cards for STEM Camp, they need to let me know prior to the start of camp.

If there are any questions, please contact me. Mrs. Tague