Space Jamboree/ MB make-up and important dates

I am posting this on Saturday because I am leaving on Sunday for Eagle Trail Camp at S-F on Sunday.

August 2nd – Space Jamboree. We are leaving at 10 am from the parking lot across from the Admin Building – the O’Reilly / License Office parking lot. Be there about 9:45 am. We are asking that the boys only pack an overnight bag because we are not taking the trailer. Everything needs to fit in the back of my mini-van (without seats).

As a reminder, Eagle Scout Association Merit Badge Make Up day is August 3 at Beaumont. Scouts must come to the event with their partial cards from Summer Camp. If your Scout needs their partial card, please contact me and I will put them in my mailbox the week of July 28th. I can’t email them because they are not individual cards. This is only for partials, not new merit badges.

Below are important dates – August to December. (Regular meetings are not listed.) I have listened to what the Scouts want to do and those activities will be scheduled in January – May. I will be talking more to the Scouts at Space Jam to see what type of camping trips they want to go on.


August 15 – First Meeting – Elections

August 22 – Last day to turn in completed Merit Badge Cards

August 24 – OA Ordeal Make-Up – 7:30 Beaumont Council Ring

August 29 – School Night For Scouting – Gotsch


September 5 – 7:00 – Court of Honor / Diner – Bring a side dish – Affton High School Commons

September6 – 8 – OA Fall Reunion – S-F – At this point, price is listed as TBD

September 21 – Affton Days Parade – Food/Drink booth pre parade – Troop Fundraiser


September 26 – No Mesnier – Activity TBD

October 11 – 13 – Fall PACAO – S-F

October 24 – No Mesnier – Activity TBD


November 9 – Scouting For Food – Bags Out

November 16 – Scouting For Food – Bag Pick-up

November 14 – No Mesnier – Activity TBD


December 11 – Den 3 Crossover

December 13 – 15 – Crossover Campout – Intended date. Waiting for the Short Term Lottery

December 19 – Court of Honor / Christmas Party– Mesnier