Thursday Meeting & Upcoming Dates

OA Fall Reunion is September 6th – 8th, 2019.  We will have sign-ups THIS THURSDAY only.

We will be registering at a Troop.  Please bring to the meeting THIS THURSDAY $22 for Candidates (the Scouts and Scouters that were elected this Summer) and $15 for Brothers.  This includes $5/person for food.  The Troop will be cooking.

Please note that for camping trips, the last day for sign-up and payment will be the Thursday prior to the event. 

Mr. Wagoner will be at the meeting on Thursday to answer OA questions for OA Members.

We will be going over Troop information for those that aren’t OA Members.

September 21 is the Affton Days Parade.  We will be having the pre-Parade food booth.  We need parents to donate drinks/food items – Gatorade, Water, Doughnuts, Chips.   This is a Troop Fundraiser that goes to our general fund.

October 5th – Pack Rummage Sale – The Troop will be holding another “food booth” fundraiser.  For this, we will need more snack items – soda, chips, water.  We can only do pre-packaged items.  In the morning, we will want to do doughnuts. 

Upcoming Dates


September 5 – 7:00 – Court of Honor / Dessert  – Affton High School Commons

September 6 – 8 – OA Fall Reunion – S-F – See Above – Members Only

September 21 – Affton Days Parade – Food/Drink booth pre parade – Troop Fundraiser

September 26 – No Mesnier – Laser Tag @ The Edge


October 3 – Last day for Fall PACAO Sign-up

October 5 – Rummage Sale – “Food Booth” – Troop Fundraiser

October 11 – 13 – Fall PACAO – Beaumont