Citizenship in the Community

This week, we will start the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge. Due to the requirements, this isn’t a “one meeting and the merit badge is earned.”

One of the requirements is to attend a meeting of your city, town, or county council or school board. Affton has the Board of Education meetings at 7 pm on Tuesday, February 4 or Tuesday, February 18. (Affton Early Childhood, 9832 Reavis Road, Affton, MO 63123, United States)

The second part of the requirement is: Choose one of the issues discussed at the meeting where a difference of opinions was expressed, and explain to your counselor why you agree with one opinion more than you do another one.

February 8 – OA Chapter Banquet at Pope John Paul Parish Center on Mackenzie (the former St. Dominic Savio. It is the Chili and Cornbread cook-off – more information after Roundtable this Tuesday.