Troop Update

By now, everyone has heard that Affton has closed schools until April 3rd. With the City and County limiting groups gathering to 50 people, I am guessing that on Monday we will receive notice that the GSLAC camps have also closed beyond the 10 days. We have an away meeting on March 26th at Epic 6 in Fenton. At this time, it is up in the air based on if they will be open.

If you HAVE NOT made the deposit for Summer Camp and your Scout is going, I NEED TO KNOW. Please either email me or text me.

I know the Scouts will have on-line learning for school. There are some Merit Badges they can work on at home. To make this easier, I have created a Google Classroom for the Troop. The code is atwgebg. I encourage the Scouts to join (parents too).

I have uploaded the Merit Badge Workbooks for Art, Citizenship in the World and Family Life. With Citizenship in the World, Scouts need to pick a country and research it. They can create a Google Slide and share it with me.