On-line Merit Badges

I have been working on ways to keep Scouts engaged during this downtime. I created a Google Classroom – code atwgebg I also added the Cyber Chip Requirements that our First Year Scouts need to complete.

This isn’t just for the Scouts! Parents, please go to Google Classroom and use the code to be added as a student.

I have added the Merit Badges that I am a counselor for and am adding Mr. Kirk’s. While we can’t meet in person, I have no problem with Scouts submitting information to me via Google Docs or Sheets.

From Mr. Kirk’s FB Post –

Hey all, I can do online MB sessions soon. I need to reactivate my Skype. But if you have google duo or FB messenger you can reach me that way.. I dont conform to iPhones and that facetime stuff. Anyways I am a counselor for coin collecting, collections, personal management and scouting heritage