Scouting Updates 5/18/2020

Greater St. Louis Area Council sent out an email today. “Given current state and local government restrictions and CDC guidelines, the Greater St. Louis Area Council is continuing the suspension of face-to-face Scout meetings, activities, events and trips until further notice.”

I am waiting for guidelines from the OA regarding the camping requirements for our first year Scouts.

I am asking that if you find any virtual/Zoom Merit Badges to post in the comments. I am not actively looking for these opportunities.

If Scouts take any virtual/Zoom Merit Badges, it is the responsibility of the **SCOUT**, not the parent to let me know. It is the **SCOUTS** responsibility to make sure that I get a blue card from the counselor or that I know to link the Scout with the Merit Badge Counselor. I WILL NOT take texts from parents. Scouts that are 6th Grade and above should be able to email me from their district email. When emailing, Scouts need to add their parent.

I am the MB Counselor for Citizenship in the Community, Nation and World, Communication and Family Life.

Greater St. Louis Area Council is opening the camps to Families. To register, click the link.
(Disclaimer – while they are allowing Family Camping, they are not allowing Troop camping.)