Meeting Reminder and Summer information

As a reminder, we are having a virtual meeting at 7 pm tonight. I switched to Google meet. If you need the Meeting ID, please let me know. The information is on the Facebook Page

We do need to keep meeting until we hold elections. I am hoping there will be a time when they ease restrictions and we can have in-person meetings (with social distancing, face masks and hand sanitizer).

GSLAC has announced they are planning alternate Summer Activities. We are also working on Eagle Trail Camp, be it virtual or a modified day camp type experience. Below is what GSLAC has planned.

I need input from parents on what their Scouts would want to do. Do they want to do a Zoom Summer Camp from outside of St. Louis? I have seen several and have the information.

Here are the programs:Outdoor Family Experience – Family camping at all properties, families bring their own supplies and meals, and enjoy the wonders of camp!

1st Year Scouts BSA Kit – Boxed activities to give young scouts a leg up on reaching their First Class rank, basic supplies and online resources will be a part of this experience.

Ranger Program – The classic ranger overnight camping experience for Scouts BSA – two full weeks and half week camp experiences.

Merit Badge Courses- Coming soon in June and July, in-person and online, courses for scouts. Information coming soon on the p-program offerings and pricing.

Virtual STEM Fair- Scouts will submit projects related to science, technology, engineering, and math then participate in a virtual fair judged by real STEM professional. There will be a zoom celebration to announce winners on July 24th!