OA Elections / Requirements

Thursday, June 25th at 7 pm is OA elections. It is important that all Scouts attend to vote.  As this site is not secure, I can’t post the Zoom link. Please email me at laura.e.tague@sbcglobal.net for the information.

The OA has new guidelines for a “Temporary Camping Night Policy”. This will effect our first year Scouts. Normally, to qualify to be on the OA ballott, one of the requirements is to have attended a long term summer camp.

Under the temporary guidelines, a long-term camp plan must be developed. It must include progress toward rank advancement.

I am working on a packet for 1st & 2nd Class Requirements. There will be some that Scouts can do at home. For some of the home requirements, family will be the patrol. Others, will have to be done in person, under Council Guidelines, small Patrols at a local park.

This may have to be done on two weekend day since most parks have a sunset curfew.

The Scouts must also do five, yes five, nights of virtual camping. The OA defines Virtual Camping as “Virtual camping (i.e., backyard or solo camping)”

At this time, my idea is to meet as a troop on a Saturday or Sunday split into Patrols to cover some requirements.

Have the five nights of Virtual Camping, then meet at the end ot cover some additional requirements.(This is still a work in progress.)