MERIT BADGES: Merit badge workshops – You can do these on your own if you wish.  You will need to call and get yourself signed up if you are interested. Do not sign up for Merit Badges, at skill centers or merit badge universities,that we have councilors for with out clearing it with Mr. Wagoner first.

You can check out, look under the Scout/Merit badges for more skill centers. –

Stem merit badges at Microsoft

Mizzou Merit badge university

Merit Badge Book Library (Merit Badge Library) This is only a list of books the troop has, it does not insure it is available

 Here is a list of Merit Badge councilors in our troop, please use them, or another councilor instead of spending money to get a merit badge.

Personal Fitness: Mr. Rhodes

Personal Management: Mr. Lanemann

Hiking: Mr. Wagoner

American Labor: Mr. Wagoner

Cycling: Mr. Edgar

Electricity: Mr. Edgar

Communications: Mrs. Tague

Family Life: Mrs. Tague